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I'm Troy.  I'm thankful to have been born and raised right here in beautiful Traverse City.  In my early twenties, I worked as a technologist on a cardiac wing of a Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Later, I became a high school science teacher and taught for nearly two decades.  In my time teaching, I worked daily with children who had social, emotional, family and mental health needs.  I found myself taking the role of counselor, and eventually returned to school for a Master's degree in Counseling.  I find great purpose in my work as a counselor, and have been practicing at Inner Room, LLC since 2016.

Scope of Practice
Adult Mental Health
Inner Room Counseling has helped hundreds of people make progress when struggling through tough personal challenges and adjustments to life stressors.  In some cases a specific root to the problem is found and addressed, and the positive changes can be dramatic.  Other times, the progress is made through small steps in changing our perceptions of and reactions to the presenting problems, and this work takes time and patience.  About half of my time in practice is spent with adult men and women from their twenties to their fifties.  Much of this work involves overcoming and learning from the past, engaging positively with the present, and looking forward to a positive future.  Also, answers to some of life's larger existential questions will often be pursued here, when appropriate for the client.
                                       Children and Teens    
I have many years of experience working with children suffering with:  Adjustment issues, Oppositional Defiance, Conduct Disorder, Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, Depression, and other behavioral manifestations of trauma, neglect, or family conflict.  As a former high school teacher, I find relating to teenagers is second nature.  While not opposed to medications, I try to address problems without relying on medications when possible, and will suggest medications in some cases, when the overall quality of the child's life is likely to improve.  Teenagers benefit a lot from being truly heard in a safe place, learning what parts of their struggle are normal, and being guided in how to adjust to a life that brings with it many challenges and conflicts.  Children often benefit from guidance in gaining insight into their world and understanding of how they perceive and react to their environment.   
Different counseling techniques  are chosen to match the child's developmental level.  Those at the middle school ages often talk more openly when engaged in a casual activity during sessions.  High School aged children usually do well with  traditional talk therapy.   Usually I can employ a very empathetic Person Centered approach to my counseling which often includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Methods, and/or mindfulness work.     
           Marital, Couples, and Christian-Based Counseling    
For those seeking Christian Marital Counseling, I use Matthew 19 and Ephesians 5 as a model for selfless Christ-like love, honor, and respect that we should be pursuing in relation to our spouse.  There is usually a lot of individual work to be done in a relationship, as well as working on the space between people.  Understanding the influence of childhood relationship patterns on the marriage is often pursued.  Work with personality types, as well as love languages is also a part of couples counseling.  Healthy habits and making time for each other is a must, as well as balanced compromise.  Ultimately, learning or relearning emotional security between partners is often a key to success in this type of relationship work.  


Call, Text, or Email .  

1 231 313 9781

Inner Room Counseling
928 S. Garfield Ave, Suite 3

Traverse City, MI  49686



Fax: 1 231 486 6144



-Types of Counseling-

  Teen and Young Adult Counseling

      -Depression, Anxiety, and Stress


      -Addiction Issues 

      -Anger and Conduct Issues

      -Adjustment Disorders

      -Obsessive and Compulsive Behaviors

      -Overcoming Trauma and Loss

      -Spiritual/Faith Issues 

Adult Counseling

      -Family and Relationship Issues

      -Marital Counseling

      - Depression and Anxiety

       -Anger Management

        -Addiction Issues

        -Faith/Identity Crisis

        -Life Crisis and Adjustments

-Counseling Modalities-
for teens and adults

Cognitive Behavior Therapy:  The most supported treatment for working with adults

dealing with life adjustments, anxiety, and/or depression is Cognitive Behavior Therapy. 

This looks very much like what people generally think of when they think of counseling. 

The client's role is to share their thoughts and feelings with the counselor, and the counselor

works at helping the client to make subtle and not so subtle adjustments to their thoughts

and perceptions, which ultimately influence their emotions and behaviors.  

Mindfulness:  Many clients can learn to manage anxiety, impulsiveness, and attention

issues by learning to practice mindfulness techniques.  These include deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, and meditative prayer.  Mindfulness practices

help individuals gain a greater sense of control over themselves. 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy:  Dialectical Behavior Therapy, to put it very briefly and imperfectly, is a blend of Mindfulness and Cognitive Approaches.  Some clients connect with 

both approaches and benefit from a combination of the two, especially for those with more pronounced emotional issues.

Choice Theory Many times, especially when working with younger clients, a

straightforward method of guiding the client to see accurately and deal in the realities of their situations in life is the most pragmatic counseling modality that will yield effective results.

The client is guided in learn to respond wisely with good control of well thought out choices

for personal behavior.  The client is guided in learning to control what they can control and to 

manage their end of social relationships in constructive ways.


  I am currently accepting and billing for the following insurance plans in Michigan:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Priority Health

Private pay options are specified below:


Scholarship and Sliding Scale

Options are Provided based on ability to pay.  

There is an attempt to offer pricing that works in your budget.



-Role of Faith​ in Counseling-
One's spirituality often comes up in counseling, and for those open to it, we often pursue our presenting problems and their relationship to our connection with our creator.   For most clients, there is much work that can be done in the realm of the body and soul(mind, will and emotions). However, even greater results can sometimes be achieved by delving into the deeper subject of one's spiritual connectedness.  Our spirituality can be a great source of peace, strength, and revelation.
The famous musician Sting once wrote, "Men go crazy in congregations; they only get better one by one."  If we look at the word congregations as groups of people, then I totally agree.   Very often, while sitting with a client, the client realizes that their lack of spiritual peace, or their challenges aligning with God, are impacting their relationship with their presenting problem, their acceptance of themselves, or their ability to have positive relations with others.  
The present day scientific community has nearly written God out of our lives by trying to reduce everything to Biology and Physics.  Interestingly however, as time goes by, and more discoveries are added to the available evidence, the more we realize that science fails to answer the most important questions.  A famous physicist, Werner Heisenberg, once said, “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you”.  His words are so true.
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